Yes on D

Time for oversight and accountability in the Sheriff’s Department!

We must act now to join the national movement for justice reform and end the decades of discrimination and unfair treatment rampant within the Sheriff’s Department. It is time for us to work together to stop the injustices and abuse towards individuals in custody and staff and give voice to those impacted.

About Proposition D

In 2015, the late Public Defender Jeff Adachi began investigating stories from incarcerated individuals who were forced into gladiator fights against each other by sheriff deputies. Five years later, the Sheriff’s Department continues to be plagued with discriminatory mistreatment––lawsuits against the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department have cost the city millions in settlements. Repeated incidents last year at the San Francisco General Hospital have shown racially disproportionate use of force by deputies assigned within the hospital’s emergency room.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department has lacked accountability and abused its power for far too long. Having an independent Sheriff’s Department Oversight Board and an Inspector General will provide public transparency when investigating these incidences of misconduct and abuse.

This measure was born as a result of multiple meetings conducted over the last year with stakeholders who have launched similar successful programs in other counties, experts on law enforcement oversight, individuals in custody at jail sites, and more.

San Francisco Chronicle
SF County Jail

Yes on D​ will create an Oversight Board who will:

  • Appoint an Inspector General​ to evaluate the work of the Sheriff’s Department, compile and recommend best practices, and conduct community outreach to hear public input regarding operations and jail conditions.
  • Develop a use of force policy ​and comprehensive review process for all use of force and critical incidents.
  • Investigate the death of any individual ​in the custody of the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Receive, review and investigate​ complaints of non-criminal misconduct by employees and contractors of the Sheriff’s Department and in-custody deaths.
  • Develop recommendations around a use of force policy and report on complaints filed against the Sheriff’s Department

We cannot let these abuses continue, mostly and disproportionately against people of color. Join us to act now for justice reform and bring real transparency.